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Ramón Mesonero Romanos

  • Photograph of an engraving of the writer Ramón Mesonero Romanos © EFE

    Photograph of an engraving of the writer Ramón Mesonero Romanos © EFE






Date of birth

Jul 19, 1803

Date of death


" Journalist and writer. His brilliant portrayals of the people, places and ambience of Madrid have never been bettered.."

He was born in Madrid in 1803 and, although his family was rich, he was self-taught. He took an active part in urban renewal in the Spanish capital from his post as a civil servant and inspector of public works in the city. He helped to found the new Ateneo de Madrid (1835), of which he was the secretary and librarian. Together with the now-forgotten Serafín Estebánez Calderón and the great Mariano José de Larra, he was the main exponent of the school of writing about customs and manners, although the interests and styles of the three authors were different. In 1836, he launched the 'Semanario Pintoresco Español', one of the first publications with illustrations. He included his articles on customs and manners, which were later compiled into books, such as 'Escenas Matritenses' (1842). He died in Madrid in 1882.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Escenas matritenses

    Ramón Mesonero Romanos describes and pays homage to the people and customs of the Madrid of his birth.

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