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Rafael de la Hoz Arderius

  • Rafael de la Hoz Arderius © EFE

    Rafael de la Hoz Arderius © EFE






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" Architect. Rafael de la Hoz was an innovator in the modernisation of Spanish architecture in his period, creating the Technological Building Standards."

Rafael de la Hoz Arderius was born in Madrid in 1924, although he spent his childhood in Cordoba. He graduated from the School of Architecture in Madrid in 1951 and finished his studies at M.I.T. in the United States. He stood out for being a constant researcher into construction and technology. His first work was a clothes' shop for Vogue in Cordoba (1951). Alongside his friend Jose María García Paredes, he designed the Aquinas Halls of Residence in Madrid which won the National Architecture Award in 1956. He worked at the General Architecture Office in 1971 where he promoted the production of the Technological Building Standards. He was chair of the International Union of Architects between 1981 and 1985. In 1990, he became a member of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He died in Madrid in 2000.  


National Architecture Award (1956)
Antonio Camuñas Architecture Award (1995)
Gold Medal for Architecture (2000)

Highlighted works

  • Aquinas student residence (Madrid)
  • Cordoba Chamber of Commerce
  • El Águila factory (Cordoba)
  • Torremolinos Conference Centre
  • Provincial Hospital of Cordoba
  • Extension of the Navy Ministry (Madrid)
  • Banco Coca building
  • Inserso Head Office on Avenida de la Ilustración (Madrid)
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