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Rafael Alberti

  • Rafael Alberti © José Aymá / EL MUNDO

    Rafael Alberti © José Aymá / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Dec 16, 1902

Date of death

Oct 27, 1999

"Poet and playwright. An important member of the Generation of '27, who opened up Spanish poetry to modernity."

Rafael Alberti Merello was born in Puerto de Santa María in Cadiz in 1902, and learnt how to write poetry in the 1920s, amidst the fever for the avant-garde. Around 1927, the third centenary of Góngora's death, his youthful poems gave way to those in the style of Góngora. There are five different stages in Alberti's poetry: neo-populism, gongorism, surrealism, political poetry and the poetry of nostalgia.
In 1930, he met María Teresa León, with whom he founded the magazine 'Octubre'. He travelled to the Soviet Union, where he attended a meeting of anti-fascist writers. During the Civil War, he was a member of the Anti-fascist Intellectuals Alliance. When the 2nd Republic was defeated, he went into exile to Buenos Aires, together with María Teresa León. He returned to Spain in 1997, after the death of Franco, and died in Puerto de Santa María in Cadiz in 1999.


Cervantes Prize; National Theatre Prize; Queen Sofía Extraordinary Prize for Poetry.

Essential works

  • Original manuscript of 'Sailor on Dry Land' © EFE

    Sailor on Dry Land

    In "Sailor on Dry Land", considered to be one of the best poems of the 20th century, Rafael Alberti expresses his homesickness.

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  • A Night of War in the Prado Museum © EFE

    A Night of War in the Prado Museum

    Theatrical piece by Rafael Alberti set out as an ode to the popular fight for liberty.

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  • 'The Senses'. Cadiz Museum © Ministerio de Cultura

    The Senses

    It belongs to a set of twelve drawings by Rafael Alberti for the commemorative edition of Federico García Lorca's work "Poet in New York".

    Cadiz Museum (Cádiz)

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Other highlighted works

  • A Ghost is Haunting Europe
  • Coplas de Juan Panadero
  • El hombre deshabitado

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