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Born: ca. 340

Died: 385

" Bishop and heretic. He was the founder of Priscillianism, a strict school of libertarian aesthetes, a precursor of the monastic movement and derived from the Gnostic tradition."

He was born around 340 A.D, possibly in western Hispania, to a rich family. His teachings were highly persuasive, especially among women and the common people. He was named Bishop of Avila in 380 A.D, but, in the same year the Council of Zaragoza condemned some of his practices. Threatened with exile, he went to Pope Damasus, the Emperor and Bishop Ambrose, and succeeded in revoking the punishment. Condemned once more as a heretic, sorcerer and exploiter of women, he was put to death along with several of his disciples. Pope Ambrose of Milan and Martin of Tours condemned the sentence and execution. His remains were removed to Gallaecia. His 'Treatises and Canons' were published in Spanish in 1975. He died in Trier in 385 A.D.

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