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Pío Baroja.

  • Pío Baroja © EFE

    Pío Baroja © EFE






Date of birth

Dec 28, 1872

Date of death


" Writer. He was one of the most distinguished members of the Generation of '98 and portrayed the very pessimistic and nihilistic view held by the people of Spain in his time."

Pío Baroja y Nessi was born in San Sebastian in 1872, the brother of the painter and writer, Ricardo Baroja, and uncle to the anthropologist, Julio Caro Baroja, and the film director, Pío Caro Baroja. During his childhood and youth, he was constantly being uprooted, as his father was a mining engineer and moved from place to place. In 1900, he published a compilation of short stories titled Dark Lives, which was warmly received by Unamuno, Azorín and Perez Galdós. He always favoured the 'open novel', which gave him a bad reputation among the purists. He spent his last years in Madrid, where he set up a gathering in his home, often attended by the then young novelist, Camilo José Cela. He died in Madrid in 1956.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    The Tree of Knowledge

    This novel was considered by the author himself, the Basque writer Pío Baroja, to be the most accomplished and complete work of his literary career.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Zalacain the Adventurer

    This adventure novel was the culmination of the trilogy known as 'Basque Land' by the writer Pío Baroja which he dedicated to his homeland of the Basque Country.

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Other highlighted works

  • Adiós a la bohemia
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