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Penélope Cruz

  • Penélope Cruz © Kike Para / EL MUNDO

    Penélope Cruz © Kike Para / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Apr 28, 1974

"Actress. One of the most international Spanish actresses. She was the first one to win an Oscar."

She was born in Alcobendas in 1974. She began acting in 1992 with the film “Jamón, Jamón” by Bigas Luna, co-starring with Javier Bardem. That same year she took part in “Belle Époque” by Fernando Trueba, a film that won one Oscar. In the 1990s, she acted in numerous French and Spanish films, including “Carne Trémula” (Live Flesh), her first job with the director Pedro Almodóvar. Her incursion into US cinema goes back to 1998, with Stephen Frears in "The Hi-Lo Country". Her first part as a main character in Hollywood was in “All the Pretty Horses” (2000). She acted in “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” by Woody Allen, which won her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.


Goya Award for Best Female Actress (1998)
Goya Award for Best Female Actress (2006)
European Film Award for Best Actress (2006)
Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress (2008)
Oscar for Best Supporting Actress (2009)
Honorary Cesar Award (2018)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2018)
Donostia Award. San Sebastian International Film Festival (2019)
Volpi Cup for best actress at the Venice Film Festival (2021)

Essential works

  • The Girl of Your Dreams © EFE

    The Girl of Your Dreams (interpretation)

    A comedy of sketches that mixes melodrama and history to examine how politics can affect film.

    More info
  • All About My Mother ©EFE

    All About My Mother Europa (interpretation)

    Movie with which Pedro Almodóvar won, among other various awards, an Oscar and Golden Globe for the best film not in the English language. 

    More info
  • Poster. Volver © EFE

    Volver (interpretation)

    Almodóvar has once again gained numerous awards and nominations for this mixture of comedy and drama on guilt and loneliness.

    More info
  • Belle Epoque © EFE

    The Age of Beauty (interpretation)

    This life-affirming comedy, set in the days prior to the proclamation of the Second Republic in Spain, won, among other awards, the Oscar for the best foreign film.

    More info
  • Open Your Eyes. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Open Your Eyes (interpretation)

    A thriller that mixes suspense and science-fiction, with a script full of twists and turns to feed the intrigue that surrounds the action from the beginning of the film.

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