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Pablo Sorozábal

  • Pablo Sorozábal © EFE

    Pablo Sorozábal © EFE



Music, Zarzuela



Date of birth

Sep 18, 1897

Date of death

Dec 26, 1988

" One of the most outstanding symphonic and lyrical music composers in the 20th century. His longevity enabled him to witness the disappearance of the Spanish lyrical genre, to which he contributed crucially."

He was born in San Sebastián, on 18 September 1897. He studied music in his hometown thanks to the Society for Friends of the Country, so he was able to study with Alfredo Larrocha and Manual Cendoya. He sang in the San Sebastián Choral Society when he was a child, and during his childhood and youth he earned a living playing the violin in cafés and theatres. In 1914 he joined the San Sebastián Gran Casino Orchestra and in 1919 he moved to Madrid to be a violinist in the Philharmonic Orchestra. His first lyrical concert was "Katiuska" (1931). In 1952 he stopped being the director of the Madrid Symphonic Orchestra. He died in Madrid on 26 December 1988.

Essential works

  • 'Goodbye to the Bohemia' © EFE

    Goodbye to the Bohemia

    A splendid piece by the composer, conductor and violinist Pablo Sorozábal, on the small play with the same title by the writer Pío Baroja.

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  • «La del manojo de rosas». Teatro de la Zarzuela © Ministerio de Cultura

    La del manojo de rosas

    Zarzuela but also an operatic sketch. In this play the maestro and composer Pablo Sorozábal impressively deals with the classic Madrid comedy sketch and updates it to his time.

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  • «La tabernera del puerto». Teatro de la Zarzuela © Ministerio de cultura

    La tabernera del puerto

    A late and masterly zarzuela, in which the traditional seaside atmosphere becomes art.

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  • The Miracle of Marcelino © EFE

    Marcelino Pan y Vino (music)

    This emotive film was one of the biggest commercial successes of its time. It was also recognised at various international festivals.

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Other highlighted works

  • La del manojo de rosas
  • La tabernera del puerto
  • Capricho español
  • Suite vasca


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