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Pablo Martín Badosa

  • Pablo Martín Badosa © Javier Tles

    Pablo Martín Badosa © Javier Tles






Date of birth


"Designer. Pablo Martín Badosa is one of the most influential designers on the Spanish graphic scene."

Pablo Martín Badosa was born in Barcelona in 1964. After graduating from the EINA school (1982-1985), he worked for Mario Eskenazi, whose influence strongly marked his style as a designer. The award of a scholarship by the Grupo Godó allowed him to continue his training in New York. During his stay in the Big Apple he worked with Massimo Vignelli and particularly with Michael Bierut (partner in Pentagram and co-founder of the Design Observer agency). On his return to Spain he spent five years working with Eskenazi y Asociados, and in 1993 founded Gráfica together with Fernando Gutiérrez. The legendary studio in Barcelona is responsible for designing the magazines "Cinemanía", "El País de las Tentaciones", "El País Semanal", and the Barcelona Design Museum, among others. In 2001 he became a member of the prestigious organisation Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). Since 2013 he has combined his work as a designer in Atlas –the most highly awarded agency in Spain– of which he is co-founder and director, with his role as a teacher at EINA. In 2014 he received the National Innovation and Design Award as the creator of "intelligent and socially responsible visual languages".


National Innovation and Design Award (2013)

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