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Ouka Leele

  • Ouka Leele © EFE

    Ouka Leele © EFE






Date of birth

Jun 29, 1957

Date of death

May 24, 2022

"Photographer and painter. She is an expert in the technique of colouring black-and-white photographs with watercolours.

She was born in Madrid in 1957, under her real name of Bárbara Allende Gil de Biedma. She was interested in painting since childhood, although she decided to train as a photographer. She mastered the technique, and at the age of 18 various of her photographs were included in the book 'Principio', together with other promising young photographers, and published in the specialist magazines 'Zoom' and 'Nueva Lente'. In 1978 the magazine 'Star' asked her to create a colour photograph for its front cover, and as she specialised in black and white photography she decided to use a technique from the beginning of the century consisting of colouring the photograph with bright watercolours. Her greatest triumphs came during the Movida Madrileña, where her work reflected the eclectic spirit of this countercultural movement. She died in Madrid in 2022.


Ícaro Award for Plastic Arts from Diario 16 (1983)
Madrid Region Culture Award in the Photography category (2003)
National Photography Award (2005)
Young artists' grant from the Ministry of Culture (1982)
Madrid Region Culture Award. Photography section (2003)

Highlighted works

  • Peluquerías
  • Naturaleza viva, naturaleza muerta
  • Floraleza
  • Mi jardín metafísico

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