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Olvido Gara "Alaska"

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Date of birth

Jun 13, 1963

" Singer, composer and actress. Cultural icon for years. An important artist during the Movida Madrileña countercultural movement and a popular figure in the media."

Born on 13 June 1963 in Mexico City. She started her career as a guitarist in the band "Kaka de Luxe" in 1977. In 1979 she formed a band called "Alaska y los Pegamoides", in which she was the singer. Then she worked with "Dinarama", a band founded by Carlos Berlanga and Nacho Canut. She produced her first album with this band, which changed its name to "Alaska y Dinarama". The album included many hits, like "Deseo Carnal". Between 1984 and 1987 she presented a children's programme on TVE (national Spanish television) – "La bola de cristal", which was practically a cult programme for children and young people during the 1980s. In 1989 she formed "Fangoria", which won many music awards. She has also published a book, "Transgresoras". Over the years she has become a very popular figure in the press, on TV and on the radio.


Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2014)
Dame of the Cross of the Order of Dos de Mayo (1989)

Highlighted works

  • Cuatricomía (2013), with Fangoria.
  • Absolutamente (2009), with Fangoria.
  • El extraño viaje (2006), with Fangoria.
  • Arquitectura efímera (2004), with Fangoria.
  • Salto mortal (1991), with Fangoria.
  • Deseo Carnal (1984), with Alaska y Dinarama.
  • No es pecado (1986), with Alaska y Dinarama.

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