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Moses ibn Ezra

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Born: ca. 1055

Died: ca. 1135

" Poet, philosopher and rhetorician from Al-Andalus. He is considered to be the greatest Jewish poet in the Judeo-Arabic language."

He was born in Granada, around the year 1055. He was a follower of Isaac ibn Gayyat in Lucena. His older brother introduced him to the secrets of Arabic literature. He held high office in Granada as a court official until the arrival of the Almoravids. He left the city soon afterwards and headed for Christian Spain, which he found to be a veritable cultural wasteland. From that time on he was obliged to seek the protection of patrons and write compositions in their honour. His secular poems are collected in two works: 'Tarshish' and in the first part of 'Diwan'. Most of his 220 synagogue compositions are found in the 'Machzor', the traditional Jewish prayer book. He is believed to have spent his last days in Estella. He died around the year 1135.

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  • Tarshish

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