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Miguel Ramos Carrión

  • Miguel Ramos Carrión © Iberfoto

    Miguel Ramos Carrión © Iberfoto



Theatre, Zarzuela



Date of birth


Date of death


" Journalist, playwright and humorist. He and Vital Aza he formed one of the most celebrated comic playwright duos in the Spanish popular music genre, the género chico."

Also known as "Boabdil el Chico", he was born in Zamora in 1848. His first play, written with Eduardo Lustonó, was bought by the famous businessman Arderius, who premiered it in his equally famous De los Bufos theatre (1866). The play was called "Un sarao y una soirée" and was very successful. He specialised in comedy and zarzuelas; he collaborated with authors such as Vital Aza, with plays such as "Los sobrinos del capitán Grant" or "La bruja". His most famous play is "Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente", which Federico Chueca set to music. He was the secretary of the Society of Authors and he founded the satirical weekly "Las Disciplinas". His funny stories and humorous verses were published in "Blanco y Negro". He died in Madrid in 1915.

Essential works

  • «Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente» © EFE

    Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente

    One of the key works of the genre known as the género chico. A fresh and high-spirited piece set against a popular backdrop of traditional Madrid.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image


    The opera started out as a zarzuela, and is one of the most popular and most often staged of all Spanish operas.

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Other highlighted works

  • Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente
  • Los hijos del capitán Grant
  • Un sarao y una soirée
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