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Miguel Picazo

  • Miguel Picazo © EFE

    Miguel Picazo © EFE






Date of birth

Mar 27, 1927

Date of death

Apr 23, 2016

"Film director. Known for some of the films of the so-called New Spanish Cinema of the 60s."

Born in Cazorla (Jaen) in 1927. He moved to Madrid in 1956. Upon completing his law studies, he enters the Official School of Cinematography. There he meets Sáenz Heredia and Luis Buñuel. In 1960 he graduates as a director and one year later presents his first film, “Habitación de alquiler”. In 1964 he films the movie version of “La Tía Tula” by Miguel de Unamuno, and in 1967, “Oscuros sueños de agosto”, though it was not released until 1969. At the end of 1968 his activity with Televisión Española increases, where he directs documentaries and dramas. Removed from the world of film, he participates, as President, in several film competitions. He received the Goya Award for his life’s work in 1997. He died in Cazorla in 2016.


San Sebastián International Film Festival Grand Prize (1964)
Honorary Goya Award (1997)

Essential works

  • La tía Tula © EFE

    La tía Tula (direction, script)

    Film adaptation of the literary work by Miguel de Unamuno portraying the provincial mentality of the period.

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Other highlighted works

  • Habitación de alquiler
  • Oscuros sueños de agosto
  • Instrucciones para Tony
  • Extramuros
  • Volver al sueño
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