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Miguel Mihura

  • Miguel Mihura © Iberfoto

    Miguel Mihura © Iberfoto



Literature, Theatre



Date of birth


Date of death


"Playwright, writer, comedy writer and illustrator. He is the greatest example of Spanish theatre of the absurd and one of the current’s father figures in Europe."

Born in Madrid in 1905, he studied his baccalaureate at the San Isidoro Institute in Madrid and at the French Lycée. He began working as a comedy illustrator in 1923 at the daily newspapers ‘El Sol’, ‘Ya’ and ‘La Voz’. He founded and directed the comedy seminars La ametralladora and La Codorniz, being one of the most renowned in the Hispanic world. He premièred the comedy Three Top Hats in 1952. The comedy in his work comes from the union of the tragic and the ridiculous. He collaborated in writing film scripts including Welcome Mr. Marshall by Luis García Berlanga. He composed variety songs and was director of an advertising agency. He died in Madrid in 1977.


National Theatre Award (1932)
National Theatre Award (1956)
National Theatre Award (1959)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Maribel y la extraña familia

    This highly successful work by Miguel Mihura tells the story of the love between the simple Marcelino and the prostitute Maribel.

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  • Welcome Mr. Marshall © EFE

    Welcome Mr. Marshall! (script)

    Under the guise of a comedy of manners, this great box office success is really a work of social criticism. Its main song and many of its phases have gained mythical status in Spanish cinema.

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Other highlighted works

  • Three Top Hats
  • Mi adorado Juan
  • Ninette y un señor de Murcia
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