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Maruja Mallo

  • Maruja Mallo © EFE

    Maruja Mallo © EFE



Illustration, Painting



Date of birth

Jan 5, 1902

Date of death

Feb 6, 1995

" Painter and illustrator. Rebellious and nonconformist, she was one of the most significant avant-garde plastic artists."

Maruja Mallo was born in Viveiro (Lugo) in 1902. Her real name was Ana María Gómez González. In 1922 she moved to Madrid with her family. She studied at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where she met Salvador Dalí, who introduced her to the world of Surrealism and the Generation of '27. She illustrated poems by Rafael Alberti, such as "La pájara pinta". In 1927 she met Ortega y Gasset, and worked as an illustrator for "Revista de Occidente". Her first solo exhibition took place in the halls of said publication, and proved to be very successful. In the 1930s she travelled to Paris, where she met André Breton, amongst others, and her work became immersed in Surrealism. Back in Spain she worked as a teacher. When the Spanish Civil War broke out, she was exiled to Argentina. In 1939 she painted her most important work: "El canto de la espiga". She returned to Spain in the 1960s. She died in Madrid in 1995.


Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1982)
Gold Medal of Madrid (1990)
Gold Medal of the Xunta de Galicia (1991) 

Essential works

Other highlighted works

  • La ciclista
  • Elementos del deporte
  • La mujer de la cabra
  • The Scarecrow
  • Antro de fósiles
  • El canto de la espiga
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