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Mariano José de Larra

  • Archive photograph of the engraving of 'Mariano José Larra' by A. Gómez © EFE

    Archive photograph of the engraving of 'Mariano José Larra' by A. Gómez © EFE






Date of birth

Mar 24, 1809

Date of death


" Writer and journalist. An implacable critic of the society of his day, he is one of Spanish Romanticism’s most outstanding prose writers."

He was born in Madrid in 1809. His father was a well-known pro-French doctor, which obliged the family to move to France after the French defeat of 1813. He spent his early years in this neighbouring country, from which he inherited the encyclopaedist spirit and the neo-Classical taste evident on his work. He returned to Spain in 1818, where he studied first in Madrid and then in Valladolid. In 1828, he began to publish his first newspaper articles, which unquestionably represent the most significant part of his output. He wrote over 200 articles (including vignettes of local customs and manners, political writings and literary criticism) in which he captured, with a sharp critical sense, the national situation of his time. He died in Madrid in 1837.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Obras Completas

    Collection of literary, dramatic and journalistic texts by one of the finest exponents of the Spanish Romantic movement.

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