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Mariano Benlliure

  • Mariano Benlliure © EFE

    Mariano Benlliure © EFE






Date of birth

Sep 8, 1862

Date of death


" Painter and sculptor. He has created numerous monuments for prominent figures in Spain and Latin America."

Born in Valencia in 1862. From a humble family which eventually contributed two great figures to the world of art: the painters Juan Antonio and José Benlliure, his older brothers. At just nine years of age, he exhibited his first work. When he was young, his paintings centred around bullfighting, but a trip to Rome in 1879, where he discovered the works of Michelangelo, inspired his exclusive dedication to sculpting. His style is characterized by a careful execution of realist caricatures. Everyday events and persons from the street are the subject of his art. In addition, he created many monuments dedicated to relevant personalities, such as Alfonso XII or Isabel la Católica. He died in Madrid in 1947.


First Prize at the National Exposition (1887)

Essential works

  • Prototype for the mausoleum of Julián Gayarre. National Theatre Museum, Almagro © Ministerio de Cultura

    Prototype for the mausoleum of Julián Gayarre

    In 1900, the monument received the Sculpture Medal of Honor from the Paris Universal Exhibition.

    National Theatre Museum (Almagro)

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Other highlighted works

  • Virgen de Gracia
  • Cristo Yacente
  • Monument to Primo de Rivera in Jerez de la Frontera
  • Monument dedicated to General José San Martín in Lima
  • Goya sculpture at the National Prado Museum
  • Alfonso XII Monument in the Buen Retiro Park of Madrid
  • Monument to Isabel la Católica in Granada
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