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Marià Fortuny

  • Marià Fortuny © CAGP/Iberfoto

    Marià Fortuny © CAGP/Iberfoto






Date of birth

Jun 11, 1838

Date of death


" Painter. His eclectic, exotic and preciosista works renewed Spanish post-romanesque painting."

Born in Reus (Tarragona) in 1838. Trained through the La Llotja school, with Lluís Rigalt and Claudio Lorenzale, highly influenced by “Nazarene purism”. In 1857 he was granted a scholarship to study in Rome, where he founded a workshop and gradually freed himself from the academic language imposed by his studies in Barcelona. In 1860, commissioned by the Barcelona Regional Government, he travelled to Africa to observe the Spanish military campaign. More sound and light become part of his palette. Likewise occurs with his interest in Arab picturesque, which from that point onwards would assume a prominent position in his works. He moves to Granada in 1868 with his wife, Cecilia de Madrazo. Their son, Marià Fortuny y Madrazo, was a notable painter, set and costume designer. He died in Rome in 1874.

Essential works

  • The Vicarage. Barcelona © MNAC – National Art Museum of Catalonia

    The Vicarage

    This is undoubtedly one of the best examples of the Fortuny’s preciosista style (Spanish Baroque-like or cultural style movement preceding French Classicism) in which his prodigious technical ability is evident.

    National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) (Barcelona)

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Other highlighted works

  • La vicaría
  • La batalla de Tetuán
  • La odalisca
  • Desnudo en la playa de Portici
  • Los hijos del pintor en un salón japonés
  • Viejo desnudo al sol
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