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María de la O Lejarraga

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Date of birth

Dec 28, 1874

Date of death


"Writer. Feminist who defended education, employment and equality of women in Spain."

Born in San Millán in la Cogolla (Logroño), in 1874. She worked as a teacher in Madrid. Married to Gregorio Martínez Sierra, name by which some of her works were authored and with which she shared authorship for others.Her pen name has also been María Martínez Sierra. In 1909 she published the novel “Tu eres la paz”, which was a best-seller. She actively participated in feminist movements and was a Deputy to the Parliament during the second Republic. She was a member of progressive intellectual circles of the period. After the Civil War, she sought refuge in France and later in Spanish America. Amongst her works are worth highlighting comedies such as “Canción de Cuna” or “Sueño de una noche de agosto”; and the librettos for “El amor brujo” by Manuel de Falla, and “Margot” by Joaquín Turina. She died in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1974.

Essential works

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    Cradle song

    Two-act play by the married couple formed by the writers Gregorio Martínez Sierra and María Lejárraga.

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Other highlighted works

  • Tu eres la paz
  • Sueño de una noche de agosto
  • Teatro de ensueño
  • Una mujer por caminos de España
  • Gregorio y yo
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