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Manuel Penella Moreno

  • Maestro Manuel Penella (centre) conducts the orchestra during a performance. Madrid, 1930 © EFE

    Maestro Manuel Penella (centre) conducts the orchestra during a performance. Madrid, 1930 © EFE






Date of birth

Jul 31, 1880

Date of death


"Composer of operas, reviews and zarzuelas. He dedicated a large part of his life to working with opera and zarzuela companies in America, which earned him great international renown."

Born in Valencia in 1880, he studied music with his father Manuel Penella Raga, and composition with Salvador Giner. He wanted to be a violin player, but an accident left his left hand unusable. He spent a great part of his life working with zarzuela and opera companies in America. He achieved great success in 1919 in the Park Theatre in New York with 'Gato montés', which ran for ten weeks. He also worked in Spain on musicals and variety shows. He was the director of the Conservatory of Valencia. The first performance of his chamber opera 'Don Gil de Alcalá' took place in Barcelona in 1932. He composed works such as 'La Maredeueta', which was popularised by Concha Piquer. He died in Mexico in 1939.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    El gato montés

    This pasodoble is the most memorable musical number of the opera of the same name which was debuted by maestro Manuel Penella in the Principal Theatre of Valencia in 1916.

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Other highlighted works

  • Don Gil de Alcalá
  • Jazz Band
  • La Malquerida
  • La Maredeueta
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