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Manuel Gallego Jorreto

  • Manuel Gallego Jorreto. Photo courtesy of Estudio Pablo Gallego Picard

    Manuel Gallego Jorreto. Photo courtesy of Estudio Pablo Gallego Picard






Date of birth


"Architect. The Higher Council of the Architects' Association of Spain (CSCAE) awarded Manual Gallego Jorreto the Gold Medal in recognition of the high quality of his work.

Born in O Carballiño (Orense) in 1936, Manuel Gallego Jorreto was trained in Madrid, graduating from the School of Architecture in 1963. After taking his doctorate in 1968, he started his professional career at Alejandro de la Sota's architecture studio and later worked in Norway with Erling Viksjø. He combines his work with teaching, working at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Corunna. His most standout projects include the Museum of Fine Art in Corunna, which was a renovation of the old Capuchin convent. He won the National Architecture Award for this in 1997 and received the Gold Medal for Architecture in 2010 in recognition of his career.


National Architecture Award (1997)
Gold Medal for Architecture (2010)

Highlighted works

  • A Coruña Museum of Fine Arts
  • Chantada Cultural Centre (Lugo)
  • Valdoviño Cultural Centre (Corunna)
  • Research institutes on the Southern Campus at the University of Santiago de Compostela
  • Presidential complex for the Galician regional government in Monte Pío (Santiago de Compestela)


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