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Manuel de Falla

  • Manuel de Falla © EFE

    Manuel de Falla © EFE






Date of birth

Nov 23, 1876

Date of death


"Patriotic Spanish music composer. He was one of the most important Spanish musicians in the first half of the 20th century."

He was born in Cadiz in 1876 and studied at the Royal Conservatory in Madrid. He met Felipe Pedrell (1901), who had a notable influence on his career. In fact, the Catalan master awoke in him an interest in flamenco, and especially in cante jondo (Andalusian flamenco music). He lived and composed in Paris, Madrid and Granada. In September 1939, after the Civil War, he was exiled to Argentina. He dedicated his “Cuatro piezas españolas (Four Spanish pieces) to his colleague and friend Isaac Albéniz. He died in Alta Gracia (Argentina) in November 1946. By papal decree, his remains are in a crypt in the cathedral of Cadiz.


Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Alphonse X the Wise

Essential works

  • Love, the Malician

    A legendary musical piece composed by Manuel de Falla, which has become one of the most played works in the history of Spanish music, and in most versions.

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  • “The Three-cornered Hat”. Spanish National Ballet © EFE

    The Three-Cornered Hat

    Manuel de Falla found inspiration in the novel of the same name by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón to create one of the most famous ballets of the time.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Nights in the Gardens of Spain

    Magic, ritual and oriental exuberance, steeped in Andalusian folklore. One of the most beautiful orchestral pieces by the composer from Granada, Manuel de Falla.

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  • Model for 'Maese Pedro's Puppet Show'. National Theatre Museum, Almagro © Ministerio de Cultura

    Master Peter's Puppet Show

    The first masterpiece by the composer Manuel de Falla when he was in Granada: a chamber opera with puppets and real characters, adapted from one of the episodes from "Don Quixote".

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Other highlighted works

  • Love, the Magician

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