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  • Detail of the sculpture of Maimonides in the city of Cordoba © Turespaña

    Detail of the sculpture of Maimonides in the city of Cordoba © Turespaña






Date of birth

Mar 30, 1135

Date of death

Dec 13, 1204

" Philosopher. He was the most important Jewish thinker in the Middle Ages. He influences Thomas Aquinas and Spinoza."

Moshe ben Maimon, known amongst the Christians as Rabbi Moses the Egyptian, was born in Cordoba in 1135. A wave of Almohad fanaticism forced him to leave Cordoba when he was 13. He lived in Almería, where he sheltered Averroës and in 1160 he emigrated to Fez. Five years later he settled in Egypt, after visiting Palestine. When he arrived he had already completed "Carta sobre la persecución religiosa", on religious persecution, and earned a living as the physician of the sultan Saladin. Around 1190 he finished his most important work in Judeo-Arabic, "The Guide for the Perplexed", to help overcome obstacles and reasons for shocking elements that intellectuals may find in the Bible. Following Aristotle's philosophy, Maimonides explains that there is no contradiction between faith and reason. He died in Al-Fustat (Cairo) in 1204.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    The Guide for the Perplexed

    The Spanish-Jewish thinker Maimonides created this guide for Jews whose religious faith had weakened because of philosophical studies, after trying to reconcile reason with a literal interpretation of the law.

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Other highlighted works

  • Mishneh Torah

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