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  • Luisillo © Ricardo Cases / EL MUNDO

    Luisillo © Ricardo Cases / EL MUNDO






Date of birth


Date of death


" Spanish dancer and choreographer. He put into practice his theory of creating dance numbers with a plotline, in other words, which tell a story."

Luis Pérez Dávila was born in Mexico in 1927. He studied in his home town and made his debut with the company of Carmen Amaya in New York in 1947, and his Spanish debut the following year in 1948. With Teresa Viera Romero he founded the company called 'Los Ballets Españoles de Teresa y Luisillo' ('Teresa and Luisillo's Spanish Ballet) with which he toured Europe and the United States. After the departure of Teresa Viera the group became known as the Spanish Dance Company. His own creations were first performed with the Spanish Dance Company and the Teatro de la Zarzuela theatre in Madrid. He presented the choreography entitled 'El Convite' (1965) at the Vatican, a work which had been created to mark the world gathering of gypsies. In 1976 he abandoned the stage to take up the design and management of choreography. He produced a new version of 'Don Quixote' (1981) for the Spanish National Ballet. In 1984 he founded the Spanish Dance Theatre for which he created numerous works. He died in Madrid in 2007.

Essential works

  • 'Don Quijote'. Spanish Dance Theatre © EFE

    Don Quixote

    A monumental production by the Spanish National Ballet, with the legendary dancer Antonio 'el Bailarín'  (Antonio Ruiz Soler) at its head, and with staging by the choreographer Luis Dávila, known as 'Luisillo'.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    La Malquerida

    A splendid mise-en-scène, half-dance half-theatre, from the dancer and choreographer Luis Dávila, ‘Luisillo’, of the work by playwright Jacinto Benavente.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Romeo and Juliet

    One of the last works from dancer and choreographer Luís Dávila ‘Luisillo’ was this show on the mythical romance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ commissioned by the Italian city Verona.

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