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Luisa Roldán, la Roldana

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Date of birth

Sep 8, 1562

Date of death


" Sculptress. She is one of the key figures in the Baroque sculpture of Andalusia, together with her father, Pedro Roldán."

She was born in Seville in 1652 and was trained there mainly by her father, in whose workshop she worked until her marriage in 1671. Her sculptures were religious, and followed the guidelines of the Council of Trent to humanise the images portrayed. She made life-sized sculptures in wood or coloured baked clay, and many designed to be dressed, to be taken on processions; as well as small devotional groups for private individuals and convents. She also made numerous terracotta nativity scenes in the Italian style. In 1686 she moved to Cadiz to carry out a number of works commissioned by the municipal council and the cathedral. Two years later she moved to Madrid, where she worked as a court sculptress to Charles II and Philip V. She died in Madrid in around 1704.

Essential works

  • Jesus' first steps © Ministerio de Cultura

    Jesus’ first steps

    This is one of the best conserved works by this artist from Seville, who was the court sculptor to two kings of Spain. This is a precursor of the nativity scenes that were to become popular throughout the 18th century.

    Guadalajara Museum (Guadalajara)

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  • Saint Joachim, Saint Anne and the Virgin as a girl © Ministerio de Cultura

    Saint Joaquin, Saint Anne and the Virgin as a child

    This is one of the few small-format works by La Roldana which has been conserved, and demonstrates her skill in composition and her mastery of the technique.

    Guadalajara Museum (Guadalajara)

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Other highlighted works

  • The Virgin of the Star
  • Ecce Homo
  • Saint Servando and Saint German
  • The Child Jesus the comforter
  • The mystic marriage of Saint Catherine
  • Saint Michael the Archangel with the devil at his feet
  • The Descent from the Cross
  • The appearance of the Virgin to Saint Diego
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