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Luis Tosar

  • Luis Tosar © EFE

    Luis Tosar © EFE






Date of birth

Oct 13, 1971

" Actor. Winner of several Goya awards, he is one of today's best-known Spanish actors."

He was born in Lugo on 13 October 1971. He studied History at the University of Santiago de Compostela, although he soon expressed interest in acting. In 1992 he started working professionally as an actor in theatres with different companies and productions. He also worked in series on Televisión de Galicia, such as “Mareas vivas”. However, his film career stands out especially. After making his debut in the short film “El origen del problema” (1997), he worked with well-known directors such as Icíar Bollaín, Vicente Aranda, Daniel Monzón, José Luis Borau and Fernando León de Aranoa. He has received many awards in international festivals throughout his professional career. Three of these have been Goya awards for his roles in “Mondays in the Sun” (2002), “Take My Eyes” (2003) and “Cell 211” (2009).


New Actor Award from the Actors Union (1999)
Goya Award for Best Supporting Actor (2002)
Sant Jordi Drama Award (2002)
Actors Union Award (2002)
Award from the Association of Film Writers (2002)
Goya Award for Best Actor (2003)
Silver Shell at the International San Sebastian Film Festival (2003)
Award at the International Cartagena Festival (Colombia) (2005)
Goya Award for Best Actor (2009)
José María Forqué Award (2009)
Honorary Fernando Rey Award from the Academia Galega do Audiovisual (2010)

Essential works

  • The Carpenter's Pencil © EFE

    The Carpenter's Pencil (interpretation)

    Film adaptation of the well-known novel by Manuel Rivas

    More info
  • Poster. Mondays in the Sun © EFE

    Mondays in the Sun (interpretation)

    A social realism film, highly acclaimed in the Goya awards. It depicts the drama of unemployment and the people suffering it. 

    More info
  • Trece campanadas © EFE

    Thirteen Chimes (interpretation)

    A film based on the novel of the same name by the writer Suso del Toro.

    More info
  • Take My Eyes. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Take My Eyes (interpretation)

    A startling film that takes on issues concerning abuse and domestic violence from all points of view. 

    More info
  • Cell 211 . Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Cell 211 (interpretation)

    This film was the clear winner in the 2010 edition of the Goya Awards.

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Other highlighted works

  • El origen del problema
  • Flores de otro mundo
  • Celos
  • Amores que matan
  • Unconscious
  • Leo
  • Your Next Life
  • Miami Vice
  • Casual day
  • Even the Rain
  • A gun in each hand
  • El niño
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