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Luis Mateo Díez

  • Luis Mateo Díez © Carlos Espeso / EL MUNDO

    Luis Mateo Díez © Carlos Espeso / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Sep 21, 1942

"Writer. He has won the National Fiction Award twice: in 1987 for “La Fuente de la edad” (The Fountain of Age) and in 2000 for “La ruina del cielo" (The Ruin of Heaven)."

He was born in Villablino (province of Leon) in 1942. In the 1960s he formed part of a group of poets from Leon who founded the magazine “Claraboya”. However, following the publication in 1972 of his book of poems “Señales de humo” he focused basically on fiction, and became one of the major Spanish novelists. His novel “La fuente de la edad” (The Fountain of Age), which appeared in 1986, received the National Critics’ Award and the National Fiction Award. He has also published numerous books of short stories. Some of his works have been made into films, such as “La ruina del cielo”, a novel published in 1999, which won the National Fiction Award in 2000. That year he was also elected member of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.


National Narrative Literature Award (1987)
National Narrative Literature Award (2000)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    El reino de Celama

    Luis Mateo Díez merges into one his trilogy formed by 'El espíritu del páramo', 'La ruina del cielo' and 'El oscurecer (un encuentro)', set in the mythical region of Celama.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    La fuente de la edad

    A narrative work by Luis Mateo Díez examining the conflict between real and imaginary life.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    With the ruin of the sky

    A symbolic, episodic novel that constitutes a disturbing elegy on the disappearance of certain ways of life. A metaphor for loss, the past and the passing of time.

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Other highlighted works

  • La gloria de los niños
  • El expediente náufrago
  • La cabeza en llamas
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