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Lola Anglada

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Date of birth

Oct 29, 1893

Date of death


" Illustrator and writer. A woman strongly committed to her time, Anglada is regarded as one of Catalonia’s most prominent illustrators of the first half of the 20th century."

Her real name was Dolors Anglada i Sarriera. She was born in Barcelona in 1893, in a family comfortably seated in the Catalan bourgeoisie. Starting at a very young age, Lola received painting classes from prestigious masters like Joan Llaverias and Apel•les Mestres. As a young budding artist, she published her first juvenile illustrations in 1905, and, in 1916, held her first individual exhibition. She also entered the Francesc Galí Academy in that year, where she met other promising artists such as Joan Miró or Lloréns Artigas. During this period, she began working on her first illustrated books, which would become a good part of her work as illustrator. While she was undertaking her labours in illustration and writing, she developed an intense activity in opposition to the regime of Primo de Rivera, and in defence of feminism and catalanism. She died in Barcelona in 1984.


Cross of Saint George of the Regional Government of Catalonia (1982)

Essential works

  • View of Sitges © Turespaña

    Sitges: places in town

    In the 19th and 20th centuries, this coastal town became a benchmark for Catalan Modernism thanks to artists like Santiago Rusiñol and Ramón Casas.

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Other highlighted works

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  • En Peret
  • Margarida
  • Monsenyor Llargandaix
  • Narcís
  • Clavellina i Crisantem
  • El Príncep Teixidor
  • Ametllonet
  • El Més Petit de Tots

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