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Lluís Llach

  • Lluís Llach © Jaime Villanueva / EL MUNDO

    Lluís Llach © Jaime Villanueva / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

May 7, 1948

"Singer-songwriter. His contribution to the Catalan music scene was crucial during the onset of the movement known as the Nova Cançó."

Born in Girona in 1948, Llach would come into contact with the intellectual group “Els Setze Jutges” in 1967. This group would later change its name to "Nova Cançó" and would soon stand out. In 1969, he recorded his first album “Les seves primeres cançons”. In 1970, Llach made his debut at the Teatro Español in Madrid, but his concerts began to be censored by Franco’s regime and he decided to leave for Paris. In the ensuing years, he recorded more albums and his concerts became multitudinous. He became the first non-opera singer to perform at the Gran Teatro del Liceo in 1979. Lluís has actively participated in various social projects and shares the spotlight with numerous artists from a wide range of disciplines such as Cristina Hoyos and José Carreras at the various Millennium Festivals in Barcelona.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image


    The Catalan singer-songwriter Lluís Llach voices this hymn to the struggle for freedom, at the height of Franco's dictatorship.

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Other highlighted works

  • Com Un Arbre Nu
  • Viatge a Ítaca
  • Olimpia

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