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Lluís Borrassà

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Born: ca. 1360

Died: ca. 1425


" Painter. He is credited with introducing the international Gothic style into Catalonia."

He was born in Girona some time around 1360, into a family of painters. Borrassa probably received his training from Pere Serra, to whom he owes the Siennese and French influences that characterise his style. Works corresponding to his first period include the altarpiece for the Franciscan convent in Vilafranca del Penedès and the 'Santo Entierro' de Manresa, both featuring a predominance of dramatic effects. Towards 1411, he made the altarpiece for the Santes Creus Monastery, in which he deployed all his narrative skills in the accumulation of figures and details. The altarpiece of San Pedro de Terrassa shows the artist at the height of his powers, and is conserved in 13 fragments of outstanding skill depicting scenes from the life of the saint. Towards the end of his life Borrassa produced what is considered to be his master work, the altarpiece of Santa Clara. He died in Barcelona, around the year 1425.


Essential works

  • 'Altarpiece dedicated to Saint Francis'. Detail © Museu Episcopal de Vic.   Joan M. Díaz

    Altarpiece dedicated to Saint Francis

    This large altarpiece in the church of Santa Clara is the most important work by Lluís Borrassà remaining in existence. It is considered one of the masterpieces of European painting in the early international Gothic style.

    Episcopal Museum of Vic (Vic)

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Other highlighted works

  • Saint Peter saved from the waters
  • Altarpiece of Santa Clara
  • The Resurrection, from the altarpiece at Santes Creus Monastery
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