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Leopoldo de Luis

  • Leopoldo De Luis © Javi Martínez / EL MUNDO

    Leopoldo De Luis © Javi Martínez / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

May 11, 1918

Date of death


" Poet and literary critic. He was one of the authors of the first postwar generation whose legacy would be established on thirty some odd books of a style known as “social poetry”."

Born in Córdoba in 1918, his first poems appeared in magazines like "Garcilaso" or "Espadaña". Leopoldo worked as critic for magazines such as "Ínsula", "Papeles de Son Armadans" or "Poesía Española". In 1937, he published the poem "Romance" and, in 1946, his first book "Alba del hijo". His most fruitful year was in 1979, when he wrote "Igual que Guantes Grises”, for which he received various awards, including the National Literature Award. He was paid tribute by friends and writers in 1988 for his forty-year career in literature. Among his works are collections of poetry and biographies such as the ones dedicated to authors of the Generations of 98, 27 and 36, as well as anthologies of social and religious poetry. He died in Madrid in 2005.


National Literature Award for Poetry (1979)
National Spanish Literature Award (2003)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Just as grey gloves

    In this work the poet and literary critic Leopoldo de Luis focused his precise poetical gaze on the most personal and introspective questions.

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Other highlighted works

  • Huésped de un Tiempo Sombrío
  • Los Imposibles Pájaros
  • El Extraño
  • De Aquí No Se Va Nadie
  • Entre Cañones Me Miro
  • Una Muchacha Mueve La Cortina
  • Los Caminos Cortados
  • Cuaderno de San Bernardo
  • Poetic Works
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