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Juan Quintero Muñoz

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Date of birth

Jun 29, 1903

Date of death


" Composer of music for cinema. Many directors in his time have used his scores."

He was born in Ceuta in 1903 and received his musical training from the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, where he entered in 1915 and won the extraordinary prize for the piano. His works were interpreted in Madrid at Cine Capitol Alcalá theatre. After the Spanish Civil War, his work reached maturity in some pieces for lyrical theatre. Soon he opted for cinema composition, an activity that he kept until 1967. His first soundtrack was for a documentary proposed by the actor Juan de Orduña. He composed for such prominent directors in Spanish cinema at the time, as José Luis Sáenz de Heredia and Ramón Torrado. In 1952, he was named Head of the Cinema Section at the SGAE. He died in Madrid in 1980.


Association of Film Writers (1946)
Hispano-American Film Competition of Huelva (1948)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    En er mundo

    Although it does not have lyrics, it is one of the most-performed pasadobles today by numerous traditional popular bands.

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  • Film - Generic image

    The Nail (music)

    Based on the short novel by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, this is a film noir treatment of a story of fantasy and obsession.

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  • Love Crazy © EFE

    Love Crazy (music)

    This is one of the best examples of the work of the film-maker, Juan de Orduña, with a script based on the work by Manuel Tamayo y Baus.

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Other highlighted works

  • En el mundo
  • Fausto fuera Faustina
  • Suite Granadina
  • Yola
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