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Juan Navarro Baldeweg

  • Juan Navarro Baldeweg © Carlos Barajas / EL MUNDO

    Juan Navarro Baldeweg © Carlos Barajas / EL MUNDO



Architecture, Sculpture, Painting



Date of birth

Jun 11, 1939

"Architect, painter and sculptor. He is the author of the architectural complex at the Museum of the Altamira Caves."

Navarro Baldeweg was born in Santander in 1939, where he studied drawing and painting. He studied engraving at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts starting in 1959. The following year, he held his first exhibition in the Fernando Fe Gallery, also in the Spanish capital city. In 1974, a grant from the Juan March permitted him to travel to the Centre for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachussets Institute of Technology, to complete and develop his research. He has taught at the universities of Harvard, Pennsylvania, Yale and professor at the School of Architecture of Madrid. He has been a permanent member of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts since 2003.


National Plastic Arts Award (1990)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2007)
Gold Medal for Spanish Architecture (2008)
National Architecture Award (2014)

Essential works

  • Entrance to the National Altamira Museum. Santillana del Mar © Ministerio de Cultura

    Altamira National Museum and Research Centre building

    The prehistoric cave of Altamira can today be seen in replica in this adjoining building designed by the architect Navarro Baldeweg, which additionally houses a museum, a research centre and various other services.

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Other highlighted works

  • Casa de la lluvia (Liérganes, Santander)
  • Altamira Caves Museum and Research Centre (Cantabria)
  • Hydraulic Museum of Los Molinos del Río Segura (Murcia)


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