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Juan Guas

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"Architect and sculptor. Guas is considered to be one of the greatest exponents of the so-called Hispanic-Flemish Gothic or Isabelline Gothic genre, and one of the greatest architects in the history of Spanish art."

He probably was born in Saint Pol de Léon (France) in 1430. Gaus was the son of French stonemason Pedro Guas. The first proof of his works dates back to 1448, year in which he collaborated with his father (possibly as a sculptor) on works done at the Lions’ Gate on the Cathedral in Toledo. During his lifetime, Juan Guas was master builder at the cathedrals in Ávila, Segovia and Toledo, and the artisan of one of the key masterpieces in Spanish architecture: the Infantado Palace in Guadalajara. His style falls within the genre known as Hispanic-Flemish gothic or Isabelline gothic, an evolution of the Flemish gothic style incorporating elements derived from Mudéjar art. He died in Toledo in 1496.


Essential works

  • Interior courtyard of the Infantado Palace © Turespaña

    Infantado Palace

    The Mendoza family, the bearers of the title of dukes of El Infantado, embodied all their power in this building, which is the most representative property in their possession.

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  • Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. Toledo © Turespaña

    Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

    It was commissioned by the Catholic Monarchs in thanks for the victory at the Battle of Toro.

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Other highlighted works

  • Lions’ Gate on the Cathedral of Toledo
  • Doorway to the Cathedral of Ávila
  • Cloister in the Cathedral of Segovia
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