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Juan Gil de Hontañón

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" Architect. He is recognised as one of the most outstanding artists in Spanish late Gothic architecture in the 16th century, thanks to his work in the cathedrals of Segovia, Salamanca, Seville and Palencia."

He was born in Resines (Cantabria) in 1470. He first worked in Segovia, close to the Spanish-Flemish school of Juan Guas. At the end of the 15th century he worked on the monasteries of El Parral and El Paular. In 1512 he was appointed master builder of Salamanca Cathedral. His son Rodrigo and Juan de Álava took over when he died. There is also documentary evidence of his intervention in the construction works of the cathedrals of Segovia and Palencia, in the first decade of the 16th century, and his appointment as master builder of Seville Cathedral in 1513. Salamanca's New Cathedral is without a doubt his greatest achievement as an architect. He died in Salamanca in 1526.

Essential works

  • Interior of the Royal Chapel © Turespaña

    Royal Chapel

    Converted into a symbol of the monarchy's influence in Granada.

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  • Segovia cathedral © Turespaña

    Segovia Cathedral

    It was the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain.

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  • Palencia Cathedral © Junta de Castilla y León

    Palencia Cathedral

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  • Seville cathedral © Turespaña

    Seville Cathedral

    Together with the Alcázar fortress and the Indias Archive, they have the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

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Other highlighted works

  • The New Cathedral in Salamanca
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