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Juan Diego

  • Juan Diego © Antonio Heredia / EL MUNDO

    Juan Diego © Antonio Heredia / EL MUNDO



Film, Theatre



Date of birth

Dec 14, 1942

Date of death

Apr 28, 2022

"Film and theatre actor. He has been nominated for a Goya on eight occasions. He made his name as an actor with the film 'Los santos inocentes'."

Juan Diego Ruiz Moreno was born in Seville in 1942, and studied at the Conservatory of Music and Performance in Madrid. He made his television debut in the series 'Mi hijo y yo' and in the cinema with 'Fantasía a tres'. His film breakthrough came with 'Los santos inocentes', an adaptation of the novel by Miguel Delibes, directed by Mario Camus. He paid homage to his profession in 'El viaje a ninguna parte', by Fernando Fernán Gómez. His best works include the priest with a crisis of faith in 'You're the One', directed by José Luis Garci, and the desperate father in “Padre Coraje”, directed by Benito Zambrano. He has achieved widespread success for his television role in the series 'Los hombres de Paco', which he has combined with his work in films such as 'Lope'. He died in Madrid in 2022.


Goya for Best Supporting Actor (1992)
Goya for Best Supporting Actor (2000)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2005)
Goya for Best Actor (2007)

Essential works

  • Film - Generic image

    Voyage to Nowhere (interpretation)

    An affectionate look at the world of itinerant actors, with Francoist Spain as a backdrop.

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  • The Holy Innocents © EFE

    The Holy Innocents (interpretation)

    Brilliant film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Miguel Delibes. Its male stars won an award at Cannes. 

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Other highlighted works

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  • You're the one
  • Nightfall in India
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