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Juan de Juni

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"Sculptor. He is considered to be the great 15th century Spanish sculptor, together with Alonso Berruguete."

He was born in Joigny (Francia) around 1507. Burgundy-origin sculptor who worked in Spain. He apparently worked in León in 1533. After staying in Salamanca he settled in Valladolid in 1540, where his most famous works are preserved. He was a versatile artist who worked with wood, stone, fired clay and alabaster. He made altarpieces, monuments for tombs, and freestanding and decorative sculptures. His first wife was Catalina de Montoya, with whom he had a daughter, María. Ana Aguirre was his second wife, whom he married in 1544. He got married a third time to María de Mendoza, whom he mentions as guarantor when the La Antigua altarpiece was concluded in 1561. He died in Valladolid in 1577.

Essential works

  • Inmaculada by Juan de Juni. Ourense Provincial Archaeology Museum © Ministerio de Cultura

    Inmaculada by Juan de Juni

    This image, one of the artistic gems of the museum, brought about the direct influence of Castilian sculpture of the time, thanks to the important artist Juan de Juni.

    Ourense Province Archaeological Museum (Orense)

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  • 'Burial of Christ' © Ministerio de Cultura

    Burial of Christ

    This group has a distinctly theatrical quality, and features a polychrome finish which has been achieved with exquisite attention to detail.

    National Sculpture Museum (Valladolid)

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Other highlighted works

  • Virgen de los cuchillos
  • San Juan Bautista
  • Santa María Magdalena
  • Purísima
  • San Mateo
  • Virgen de las candelas
  • Piedad de Medina del Campo
  • Crucifijo de San Andrés
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