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Juan de Juanes

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"Painter. Great creator of devotional images that became established in popular imagery. He is the most important Renaissance painter from Valencia."

He was born in Fuente la Higuera (Valencia) in 1523. Vicente Juan, known as Juan de Juanes, spent a large part of his life creating Spanish Renaissance religious icons. He trained in the workshop of his father, the painter Vicente Macip, and was influenced by the drawing and idealising trend of Raphael's school. His works show that he is an Italianising painter, with a considerably high technical and artistic level. He had many disciples and followers. One of his works, which stands out because of its bright colours and perfectly balanced composition, is "The Last Supper". "The Burial of St. Stephen" is also an example of his delicate style. He died in Bocairente (Valencia) in 1579, when he was painting the altarpieces in the Church of La Asunción presbytery.

Essential works

  • 'Portrait of Alfonso V, King of Aragon'. Zaragoza Museum © Ministerio de Cultura

    Portrait of Alfonso V, King of Aragon

    A portrait of Alfonso V which includes Flemish influences, uses vibrant colours from Raphael and is inspired by the classical world.

    Zaragoza Museum (Zaragoza)

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  • 'The mystical wedding of the Venerable Agnesio' Detail© Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia

    The mystical wedding of the Venerable Agnesio

    This work by Joan de Joanes, the most representative painter of the Renaissance in Valencia, is the most Italianised example of his work, and is clearly influenced by Raphael.

    Valencia Museum of Fine Arts (Valencia)

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  • Saint James the pilgrim. Pilgrimage Museum. Santiago de Compostela © Ministerio de Cultura

    James the Pilgrim by Juan de Juanes

    This unquestionably high quality painting provides an exceptional chance to discover one of the most important Spanish painters in the 16th century, whose creations became very popular.

    Museum of Santiago and the Pilgrimages (Santiago de Compostela)

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Other highlighted works

  • The Last Supper
  • The Martyrdom of St. Stephen
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