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Juan de Herrera

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"Architect. He is one of the greatest representatives of Spanish Renaissance architecture. He stood out in other fields too, such as mathematics and geometry."

He was born in Mobellán (Santander) in 1530. In 1563 he carried out his first architecture jobs with Juan Bautista de Toledo. He worked on the monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in 1567, and the façade is attributed to him. He also modified and extended the old plans and took part in the interior decoration of the church. He also made the Evangelists' shrine (1590). The main façade of the Palace of Charles V (Granada), the southern façade of the Alcázar fortress in Toledo and the town hall in the same city are also his. In 1582 he was commissioned the Archive of the Indies (Seville) and in 1585 he designed Valladolid Cathedral, one of his best works. He died in 1593.

Essential works

  • Valladolid cathedral © Castilla y León

    Valladolid Cathedral

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  • Royal Palace in Aranjuez. Madrid © Turespaña

    Royal Palace in Aranjuez

    Work on this Palace, along with the adjoining monuments, was begun by Philip II and completed by Charles III of Spain, and as a result it features a wide variety of styles.

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  • Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Madrid © Turespaña

    Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial

    The Monastery of El Escorial was the first example of the architectural style which came to be known as Herrerian after its creator, Juan de Herrera. Together with the royal site of El Escorial, it has been awarded the World Heritage designation by UNESCO.

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  • Casa de Oficios y Caballeros building in Aranjuez. Madrid © Turespaña

    Casa de Oficios y Caballeros House in Aranjuez

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  • Monument - Generic image

    Casas de Oficios and Casas de Infantes buildings

    Both architectural compounds are perfectly integrated with the architectural style of the monastery of El Escorial.

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Other highlighted works

  • Southern façade of the Alcázar fortress in Toledo
  • Palace of Charles V main façade (Granada)
  • Reconstruction and restructuring into the palace of Villaviciosa de Odón Castle (Madrid)
  • Town Hall building (Toledo)
  • Segovia bridge (Madrid)
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