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Juan Boscán

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" Poet. Together with Garcilaso and Hurtado de Mendoza, he is one of the most important figures in Spanish Renaissance poetry."

He was born in Barcelona around 1487-1492. He worked in the courts of Ferdinand the Catholic and Charles I. He was the private tutor of the Duke of Alba. In 1522 he fought against the Ottomans together with Garcilaso to try to free the island of Rhodes. He introduced Italian metrics and versification. He got the idea in Granada (1426) while talking to Navaggiero, and he had Garcilaso's approval. In 1539 he left the court, settled in Barcelona and married Ana Girón Rebolledo. His poetry combines the purest Petrarchist images with the most impulsive by Ausiàs March, with which he established the bases for the influence of the Valencian poet in Spanish poetry. He died in his hometown in 1542.

Essential works

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    Hero y Leandro

    Juan Boscán wrote the first peom of the Spanish Golden Age which dealt with the theme of mythology.

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  • The works by Boscán and some by Garcilaso de la Vega distributed into four books. Madrid © Biblioteca Nacional de España

    The works by Boscán and some by Garcilaso de la Vega distributed into four books

    The works of these two great authors (also joined by the introduction of Italian Renaissance poetry into Spain) are collected in this valuable publication considered a reliable source.

    Spanish National Library (Madrid)

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Other highlighted works

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