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Josep Puig i Cadafalch

  • Josep Puig i Cadafalch © CAGP/Iberfoto

    Josep Puig i Cadafalch © CAGP/Iberfoto






Date of birth


Date of death


" Architect, urban planner, archaeologist, teacher, politician and art historian. Most of his buildings in Barcelona have been declared historical monuments."

He was born in Mataró (Barcelona) in 1867 and studied Architecture in Barcelona and Madrid. He designed the sewage system when he was a municipal architect in his hometown. He was a nationalist and was politically active. La Casa Martí house, a Nordic Gothic building with personal adaptations, was one of his first main works. In 1897 the restaurant Els Quatre Gats was opened on the ground floor of the building, which became a meeting point for the intellectual, artists and playwrights of the time. Iron was one of the decorative elements that characterised his works, as well as special attention to interior lighting in the buildings. He planned the International Exhibition in 1929, so he contributed to the introduction of a new city model. He died in Barcelona in 1957.

Highlighted works

  • Casa Martí house (Barcelona)
  • Codorniu Winery (Sant Sadurni d’Anoia)
  • Hotel Terminus (Barcelona)
  • Casa Trinxet house (Barcelona)
  • Casa Sastre i Marqués house (Barcelona)
  • Casa Puig i Cadafalch house (Barcelona)
  • Casa Guarro house (Barcelona)
  • Casa Casarramona house (Barcelona)
  • Casa Serra house (Barcelona)
  • Casa Llorach house (Barcelona)
  • Casa Quadras house (Barcelona)
  • Casa Amatller house (Barcelona)
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