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Josep Llorens Artigas

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"Ceramist. Llorens Artigas created some of his main works in collaboration with the painter Joan Miró."

Born in Barcelona in 1892, Josep Llorens Artigas studied drawing at the Llotja School. From 1912, he studies ceramics, painting and drawing at the Sant Lluc Artistic Circle and the Upper School of Fine Crafts, where he met Joan Miró and other artists of the period. In 1917, he travelled to Paris on a grant to extend his training in ceramics, and wrote art criticism for specialised magazines. In the 1920s, he returned to Paris, where he collaborated with Picasso and his ceramics were shown in various galleries. In the 1930s, he worked with artists like Georges Braque and exhibited in cities like Paris, New York, Stockholm and Berne. In the 1950s, he returned to Barcelona and began a fruitful artistic relationship with Joan Miró. Together they created famous murals, such as that at the headquarters of UNESCO. Also outstanding among Artigas's works are his vases. He died in Barcelona in 1980.


Gold medal at the Paris International Exhibition of Decorative Arts (1925)
Guggenheim International Prize (1956)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1971)

Highlighted works

  • The Sun and Moon murals at UNESCO, in Paris
  • Mural at the Sankt Gallen School (Switzerland)
  • Mural at Harvard University
  • Mural at Barcelona Airport
  • Mural in Osaka

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