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José Ramón Fernández

  • José Ramón Fernández © David Ruano. Centro Dramático Nacional

    José Ramón Fernández © David Ruano. Centro Dramático Nacional



Literature, Theatre



Date of birth


"Playwright. José Ramón Fernández is one of the authors of the work known as the 'Trilogía de la juventud' or 'Trilogy of Youth'. He won the National Drama Literature Award in 2011."

José Ramón Fernández was born in Madrid in 1962. He studied Spanish Philology at the Complutense University. He began his literary career with narrative works, but later decided to write for the theatre. In 1989 he was appointed director of the Rojas Theatre in Toledo, and in 1990 he took on the job of press officer at the National Centre for New Performance Trends and later at the National Drama Centre. In 1993 he was a member of the group of playwrights who founded the Astillero Theatre. As a writer he has been involved in various collective projects, as well as writing his own plays. In 2001, in partnership with Yolanda Pallín and Javier García Yagüe, he wrote 'Las manos' ('The hands'), the first part of the trilogy entitled 'Trilogía de la juventud', which has won various awards. He teaches courses in dramatic writing at the William Layton laboratory in Madrid as well as working at the Theatrical Documentation Centre in the Ministry of Culture.


Calderón de la Barca drama prize for new authors (1993)
Max Award for Performing Arts (2002)
Villa de Madrid Award (2003)
National Drama Literature Award (2011) 

Essential works

  • Performance of 'La colmena científica o El café de Negrín' © David Ruano. National Drama Centre

    La colmena científica o El café de Negrín

    This play was written to mark the centenary of the foundation of the Students' Residence.

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Other highlighted works

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La tierra © Ministerio de Cultura


La tierra
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