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Jose Manuel López-Peláez

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Date of birth


"Architect. López-Peláez is the architect responsible for a prototype of a school which won the National Architecture Award in 1971."

Jose Manuel López-Peláez Morales was born in Madrid in 1945. He studied at the Technical School of Architecture in his native city, and graduated in December 1970. The following year he won the National Architecture Award. He is the founder of the studio Frechilla & López-Peláez Arquitectos, and throughout his professional career he has won numerous competitions and prizes. He obtained his doctorate in 1998; his doctoral thesis entitled 'The architecture of Gunnar Asplund' obtained the Special Prize of the Polytechnic University in Madrid. In 2007 he published the book 'Maestros cercanos' ('Accessible masters'), in which he discusses architects such as Alejandro de la Sota and Sáenz de Oíza. Since 2008 he has been a professor in the Projects Department in the Technical School of Architecture in Madrid.


National Architecture Award (1971)
Architecture and Urban Planning Award from the Madrid City Council (1988)
Madrid Official Association of Architects Award (1998)

Highlighted works

  • Restoration of the roof of the convent of San Agustín (Haro)
  • Restoration of the Paternina Palace (Haro)
  • Refurbishment of the Teatro Bretón de los Heros theatre (Haro)
  • Project for the City of Justice (Malaga)
  • Project for the Miguel Hernández University campus (Elche)
  • Albacete Conference Centre
  • Public housing in Vallecas (Madrid)
  • Project for the Justice Campus (Malaga)

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