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José Gutiérrez Solana

  • José Gutiérrez Solana © EFE

    José Gutiérrez Solana © EFE



Literature, Painting



Date of birth


Date of death


"Painter and writer. Opposed to avant-garde, he cultivated an ugly critique which connected him emotionally to the Generation of 98."

Born in Madrid in 1886, he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at San Fernando and was interested in the anatomy classes of Parada and Santín. He was associated with Baroja, Valle-lnclán and Zuloaga. From 1909 to 1918 he lived in Santander, where his family was from. Upon his return to Madrid, he participated regularly in the gatherings of Ramón Gómez de la Serna at Café Pombo, and began to participate in group exhibitions. In 1928 he travelled to Paris, to which he returned ten years later to attend the grand opening of an exhibit of his work. He remained there until the end of the Civil War. His paintings, which follow the same concept as his writing, show the influence of the black paintings of Goya and Eugenio Lucas. He died in Madrid in 1945.

Highlighted works

  • La tertulia del café Pombo (Gathering at café Pombo)
  • El ciego de los romances (The blind man who sings ballads)
  • Las chicas de la Claudia (The girls of Claudia)
  • El Lechuga y su cuadrilla (El Lechuga and his group)
  • El fin del mundo (The end of the world)
  • Entierro de la sardina (Burial of the Sardine)
  • Las coristas (Showgirls)
  • El desolladero (The slaughterhouse)
  • Las vitrinas (The glass cases)
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