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Jorge de Oteiza

  • Jorge de Oteiza © Carlos Garcá / EL MUNDO

    Jorge de Oteiza © Carlos Garcá / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Oct 21, 1908

Date of death

Apr 9, 2003

"Sculptor, painter and a key figure in contemporary Spanish art. His contribution to the field of sculpture earned him the Príncipe de Asturias Award for the Arts in 1988."

He was born in Orio (Guipúzcoa) in 1908 and moved to Madrid to study medicine. He soon abandoned these studies to dedicate himself to sculpture. In 1931 he received his first prize in the Biennial for Artists from Guipúzcoa at San Sebastian. His first solo exhibition took place in the same city in 1934. Soon after, he moved to Latin America, where he created the group Espacio in 1948, before returning to Spain a year later. After his participation in various biennials and international expositions, in 1959 he announced that he was abandoning sculpture. After that, he began intense social, political and cultural work, and published several aesthetic and anthropologic studies. He donated all of his work to Navarre, where it can be seen at the museum of the Foundation which bears his name. He died in 2003.


Gold Medal for Fine Arts (1985)
Príncipe de Asturias Award for the Arts (1988)
Lan Onari Medal (2000)
Pevsner Prize (Paris, 1996)
Honorary Doctorate from the University of the Basque Country
Medal of the Fine Arts Academy in Madrid and Gold Medal from Gipuzkoa (1998)

Highlighted works

  • Variante ovoide de la desocupación de la esfera
  • Caja metafísica
  • Los apóstoles

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