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Jordi Savall Bernadet

  • Jordi Savall Bernadet © Ángel Casaña / EL MUNDO

    Jordi Savall Bernadet © Ángel Casaña / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Aug 1, 1941

"Orchestra director and musicologist specialising in medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music. Considered by critics to be one of the world's greatest viola da gamba players."

Born in Igualada (Barcelona) in 1941, he began his musical training at six years of age in the choir at the school in his city of birth. He studied the cello at the Music Conservatory of Barcelona. In 1968 he moved to Switzerland and became interested in old music. With his wife, soprano Montserrat Figueras, he created Hèsperion XX in 1974. With this group, he created a new style of playing that is characterised by a great musical vitality and the utmost historical faithfulness to the score. When he returned from Switzerland, he founded the Capella Reial of Catalunya, dedicated to interpreting vocal music from before 1800. In 1992, he received a Cesar Award for the soundtrack of 'Tous les matins du monde'.


Creu de Sant Jordi Award (1990)
Cesar Award (best music) (1992)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1998)
National Award for Catalan Music (2009)
National Music Award, Interpretation (2014)
European Helena Vaz da Silva prize (2015)

Highlighted works

  • Anthology of Spanish Music
  • L'Esprit de la viole
  • Tous les matins du monde

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