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Joaquín Rodrigo

  • Joaquín Rodrigo © Carlos Miralles / EL MUNDO

    Joaquín Rodrigo © Carlos Miralles / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Nov 22, 1901

Date of death

Jul 6, 1999

"Composer. He is world-renown for his “Aranjuez Concierto” (1940)."

Joaquín Rodrigo Vidre, I Marquee of the Jardines of Aranjuez, was born in Sagunto (Valencia) in 1901. He is also known as Master Rodrigo. Blind from three years of age, he began his musical training with Francisco Antich in Valencia, the same city where he debuted his first work, “Juglares” (1924). In 1927 he was a student of Paul Dukas in Paris. After returning to Spain in 1934, he won the Count of Cartagena scholarship, which sent him back to Paris to study at the Conservatory with Maurice Emmanuel and André Pirro de la Sorbona. He did not return to Spain until after the Civil War. After the debut of the “Aranjuez Concierto” for guitar and orchestra, he became the leader of post-war Spanish music. He died in Madrid in July 1999.


National Music Award
Guerrero Foundation Spanish Music Award
Príncipe de Asturias Award for the Arts
Gold Medal of Sagunto
Gold Star of the City of Madrid
SGAE Best classical music composer award

Essential works

  • View of Aranjuez Palace with the Ceres Fountain in the foreground. Aranjuez © Turespaña

    Aranjuez’s Concerto

    El “Concierto de Aranjuez”, obra del compositor Joaquín Rodrigo, se ha convertido en la obra más requerida y escuchada en el mundo de todo el repertorio clásico español.

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Other highlighted works

  • Fantasy for a Gentleman
  • Andalusian Concierto

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