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Joanot Martorell

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Born: ca. 1410-1411

Died: 1468

" Knight and author of 'Tirant lo Blanc', a towering work of the Golden Age in Valencia, fundamental in the evolution of the European novel."

He is thought to have been born in Valencia between 1410 and 1411. The Martorell family had close ties with the city of Gandía, especially with the court of Alfonso, Duke of Gandía. In 1437 he entered into a serious confrontation with Joan de Monpalau, who had dishonoured his sister Damiata by breaking a promise of marriage. In 1438, Martorell sought a judge for the duel, whom he found in Henry VI of England and travelled to London. In the court, the king gave him a French adaptation of the novel 'Guy of Warwick', which Joanot adapted to Catalan, interspersed with episodes from Ramon Llull's 'Book of knighthood & chivalry'. This adaptation was the germ of the first 39 chapters of his masterpiece, 'Tirant lo Blanc', which was published posthumously in 1490. Martorell died in 1468. His sister Damiata married the poet Ausias March.

Essential works

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    Tirant lo Blanc

    This novel of chivalry, written by the knights Joanot Martorell and Martí Joan de Galba, is one of the first modern novels and a masterpiece of Catalan literature.

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