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Joan Perucho

  • Joan Perucho © Begoña Rivas / EL MUNDO

    Joan Perucho © Begoña Rivas / EL MUNDO






Date of birth


Date of death


" Poet, fiction writer, essayist and journalist. Multi-faceted and humanist, his story-telling capacity, close to magic realism, is one of the most personal in fantasy literature in Spanish."

He was born in Barcelona in 1920 and began his literary career at university, when he collaborated on the magazine "Poesía". In 1942 he founded the university magazine “Alerta” together with Néstor Luján, Antoni Vilanova and Manuel Valls. He published his first book of poems, “Sota la sang” in 1947. His first fiction work came in 1952 with the publication of "Diana i la mar morta", which won the Xandri Prize. His work in Spanish and Catalan covered all the genres: poetry, short novels, poetic prose, art criticism, etc. He contributed articles to the daily "La Vanguardia" and was a member of the Royal Academy of Literature of Barcelona between 1980 and 2002. He received the National Literature Award for his life's work in 2002. He died a year later, in 2003, in Barcelona.


City of Barcelona Prize for Poetry (1953)
Ramón Llull Catalan Literature Award (1981)
National Culture Award for Literature (1995)
Rosalía de Castro Award (1996)
National Spanish Literature Award (2002)


Highlighted works

  • Sota la sang
  • Diana i la mar morta
  • El país de les meravelles
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